Aikido for kids

Interested children and parents are welcome to drop by anytime to try out Aikido, to watch the others and to ask questions.

During school holidays, our kids training is on a break, too, while the tumble group stays on.

If you are interested to train with us on a regular basis please bring along the filled out member form member form to your next lesson.

Aiki tumblers and mini samurai (6-10 years)

Movement with fun is the focus of the training for our youngest Aikidoka. In everyday life Aikido movements are very useful: rolling and falling softly without getting hurt. By practicing playfully, skills, attentiveness and concentration are developed almost on their own. Soon basic Aikido techniques can be applied and the children learn to act more controlled in conflicts and emotional situations.

Aiki kids (10-13 years)

In this course children from 6 to 10 learn the basics of this japanese martial art in a playful way.

Practicing step sequences and partner techniques stimulates the children’s attentiveness and their ability to focus and supports their sense of balance as well. Coordination and awareness develop during the process of training.

But Aikido for kids also means the possibility to romp around in a safe environment. Falling is not hurtful on our soft mats and through the Aikido elements of rolling and getting up again children learn to stand up for themselves in a playful way.

Practicing in cooperation with different partners, the children develop social competencies. Not only are they learning from the adult Aikido teachers, but also from each other.

Last but not least there are a lot of games for everybody to move freely and happily – because Aikido is supposed to be a lot of fun!